Laundry on Pantano – 150 N Pantano Rd, Tucson

The Laundry on Pantano is a self-serve card laundry with Maytag machinery.

  • Washers consist of top load single load machines, High Efficiency front load accommodates about 15 pounds of clothing.
  • 25 pound high efficiency American Dryer Corp (ADC) new washing machines, 35 and 40 pound front loaders and our largest 50 pound machine to suit your laundry needs.
  • Dryers are all Maytag dryers and come in two sizes to sort your drying as needed.
  • Smaller 35 pound dry weight dryers for your smaller loads and very efficient 50 pound dry weight dryers that have double paned glass to keep the heat in.
  • We offer a clean and friendly environment. We are attended at all hours of operation from 7am to last wash at 8:30pm. We ask that you are finished by 10pm.

Store Services

  • Our full service wash and fold business will get you done with your laundry in 5 minutes!
  • Hours of operation for full service is 7am-9pm (last pick up) Drop off your laundry with our friendly attendant.
  • We will gather your name phone number and specifics of how you want your laundry done.
  • We will spot treat and sort.
  • We supply the soap, bleach and softener and even free and clear for a small extra amount if needed.
  • Thats it! Pay at drop off 1.40/lb and have a quick and easy pick up the next day (24 hour turn around is promised).
  • Your clothes will be clean, folded and hung as requested. Comforters, rugs, and larger items such as pillows and pet beds run at individual pricing.
  • Commercial accounts welcome.

Store Features

  • We offer seating and folding tables.
  • We have a restroom for our laundry customers.
  • A deep sink is available to you as well.
  • There is Netflix available on the TV in the lounge.
  • Free coffee on those cold Tucson mornings.
  • We also offer Free WiFi, just ask the attendant for the password.
  • There is a candy and soda machine for your convenience.
  • The store is a friendly and inviting atmosphere with a well-lit store and parking lot.
  • There are also several security cameras watching out for you and our laundry.
  • Our attendants are very friendly and knowledgeable and can help you get your laundry card which is needed for starting our machines, they will make change and show you how to use our machines.
  • No quarters necessary, but we will take them to exchange for bills.
  • All cards are refundable, but we hope you keep it and come back over and over again.
  • At this time the credit card acceptance is only offered to our full service guests, and not for self serve laundry, there are several banks close by if you need cash. Our attendants can make change for you.
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